Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Twenty-seven So Far...

Twenty-seven is the age I always wanted to be, for no particular reason at all. At some point when I was little and thought my aunt was the height of coolness, with her own hatchback car and her own horse, she was 27. And here I am, flipping through the past few months in my planner to see what's happened so far, and I can't say there are any complaints.

On August 12th I FINALLY got a car stereo, after 2 years of being terrified that someone would steal it yet again. So far, so's made the drive to southeastern Illinois much more bearable. It may also be responsible for Justin Timberlake reappearing in my life, for better or for worse.

On August 19th I went on a big motor boat for the first time and caught my first fish on Lake Superior. On August 22nd I ate it. Mmm...salmon.

In September I worked, and worked, and worked, and worked, and worked, and thought I'd die at work from working...

On October 14th I watched my friend Peter from college get married, and thought about all the time I'd wished that for him, and wished it for myself.

On November 6th I started training for a half marathon with a couple of coworkers, despite the dubious sanity of running a half marathon in January in Minnesota.

On November 18th I went to my first ever professional hockey game. It was loud.

On December 8th I finally, finally saw the last Twin Peaks episode. But please don't speak to me about it as I may fly into a rage. Thank you.

On December 16th I agreed to marry the love of my life. I've spent all the time since then thinking about that, thinking about me, thinking about us, thinking about all the details, and trying to capture this feeling of optimism and joy and nostalgia and anxiousness that I hope lasts forever and ever.

On January 27th, I ran 13.1 miles alone (coworkers = pansies) in 16 degree, windyashellcoldfrontwindchillcraziness, snowy Minnesota weather, and lived to tell about it. (After I ate a bunch a bunch of pizza.)

All this, and it's not even half over. Can it get better than this?

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Dan said...

It can get even better, and I intend to do everything I can to make it keep getting better!