Monday, June 20, 2005

My Summer Vacation

I went to Missouri. It was very fun. I saw many interesting things. Including the all time champion of the vanity plate phenomenon: Mr. "XXX-RTD". That's right. But what makes him the champion is not the plate itself. Picture, if you will, a suped up black Honda Prelude (spoiler, extra loud and stuff). Only it's not new and shiny suped up, it's kind of old and gritty. The license plate is encased in some sort of translucent red plastic. There are the requisite window clings of female devils bent in whatever unnatural position necessary to expose their red hot cartoon naughty bits. The best part, though, is that airbrushed in white on the bumper is a pair of male eyes, looking at shapely women's body parts. Truly amazing to behold and too good to be true. While attempting to capture this with my camera phone, the skinny, white, blond guy with fake designer sunglasses behind the wheel noticed the attention he was getting and waved. Ah, people and their cars.

I also:

-became good friends with my grandmother, an 80-year old who is quite possibly more with it than me;
-wandered my abandoned, crumbling grade school for several hours (this is really a whole story in and of itself and there are amazing pictures that you should see);
-ate not less than 4 Ted Drewes blueberry marshmallow concretes (and other fantastic food, homemade and not);
-chatted, argued, dished, caught up for hours with great, G-R-E-A-T friends;
-ran through Tower Grove Park, breathing in the nonpareil smell of magnolias in bloom;
-shopped for lots of clothes at all sorts of great local stores and ended up buying many of them on Target clearance (*shrug*);
-considered moving back for not less than an hour every day;
-got in a car accident that was initially estimated to require 3 days and $800 in repairs, and has been upgraded to mean 10 days and $2500 in repairs
-returned and neglected my blog for weeks.

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Charles said...

I thought your blog looked thinner and more dehydrated than normal.

PS. Morgan Spurlock is totally dreamy.