Thursday, March 17, 2005

Professional Development

Eyes still gazing at the PowerPoint presentation illustrating the ins and outs of situational leadership, I felt your rhythmic, warm breath on my neck, blinked hard and cleared my throat to shake off the chills that crawled up and down my spine when you kissed me in the dark, the smell of snuffed candles still lingering in the air. Most people are naturally inclined to take on a coaching leadership style, while many fewer are directive, forceful, strong armed lifting me up off the ground, pushing my bare back up against the cool wall. When someone is reacting to having very few options, you have to anticipate that they will react badly. They may even retaliate in an attempt to regain control of the situation - straddle you, kiss you deeply, bury my head in your neck, inhale your scent, feel your hands tensing on my back, hear your soft voice in my ear though there’s no one to hear us telling me what you need, what style would help you most efficiently meet your professional goals. When someone is communicating their needs, it’s important that you listen carefully and respond appropriately. Additionally and equally as important, give timely and constructive feedback, which may take several forms including but not limited to those words you say that make me smile, the way my smile makes you smile, the way they magnetize - the way I always forgot how soft your lips were, but how easily I can conjure the memory.


Charles said...

This is the fucking hottest poem I've read in a really long time.

The kind that makes me think dammnit for not writing it first.

Xtine said...

so your trainings have been going well then?