Monday, December 13, 2004

Note: The Contents of This Post Are Subject to Change

1. Song of the Moment: "Personal Jesus", Depeche Mode, leaps to mind. Y'all know who you are.

2. Song you would most like to have playing during or leading up to sex: Uh...what kind? At the moment: "Distractions", Zero 7.

3. Best Fun song: "Burning Down the House", Tom Jones with the Cardigans. Tom fucking Jones. Awesome.

4. Best Break-up or Coping song: My breakup theme song is "Nothing Better" by Postal Service. Coping songs would depend on the breakup, but have included: "Give You My Lovin'", Mazzy Star; "How Soon is Now?", The Smiths; "Star Bellied Boy", Bikini Kill; "Clark Gable", Postal Service; "Heart", Stars; "My Ex-Lover is Dead", also Stars; "Romeo and Juliet", the Indigo Girls; "Untouchable Face", Ani Difranco; "Love Song", the Cure; "Nothing Compares 2 U", Sinead O'Connor version...etc., etc., etc.

5. Best Melancholy song: Oh my. "Perfect Day", Lou Reed. "Angel", Aretha Franklin. "The Fear", Pulp. "Exit Music for a Film", Radiohead. "Drinking Again", Haley Bonar. Any number of songs by Gillian Welch, Dar Williams, Allison Krauss, Tori Amos, Fiona Apple, Rufus Wainwright, etc. I've got to stop composing the answers to these like lists, or I'll never be done.

6. Best Acoustic song: Gotta go with seeing Prince play "Cream" and "Little Red Corvette" live on the Musicology tour.

7. Best Song to start your day: Ted Leo and the Pharmacists - "Me and Mia"! There can be no other. Though best wake up albums include Want One and Want Two by Rufus Wainwright, particularly if you're spending the morning in Grand Marais cooking breakfast and being otherwise lazily productive and chatty with some really good people...*sigh*

8. Best song to drift off to sleep: Coldplay, Parachutes, is a really good album for sleeping to.

9. Best Lyrical song: Just about any song on this list...

10. Best workout song: Lately I've really been digging "A Little Less Conversation", Elvis Presley.

11. Best chill-out song: Album? Album of the Year, The Good Life.

12. Best drinking song: Ah, Prince: "Purple Rain"; "Pussy Control"; "Let's Go Crazy"; etc.

13. Best Brain Surgery Song: Um..."She Blinded Me with Science"?

14. Best Song to clear out a party: Um..."She Blinded Me with Science".

15. Best Song for a First Kiss (sober): All I can think of right now is "How Fucking Romantic", Magnetic Fields. I'm a sad, bitter woman.

16. Best Song for a First Kiss (drunk): "All I Want Is You", U2. It's one of those songs that's undeniably good even though it's cool to hate U2, but you'd probably only let your guard down for it if you were inebriated. Right? I dunno. It sounded better in my head.

17. Best Song to Drive To at Night: "Glory Box", Portishead.

18. Best Song to Drive To During the Day: "PYT" (or B), Michael Jackson. For that matter, any Michael Jackson.

19. Song You Are Most Embarassed to Love: "Senorita", Justin Timberlake. Um...okay...Justified by Justin Timberlake.

20. Song That Most Effectively Attracts You to the Musician(s) Performing It: "Reflections", Atmosphere. It had to make it on here somehow.

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