Wednesday, May 23, 2007


June is a veritable minefield of deadlines, dangerously obscured by a thick haze of donor and potential donor mailings. And yet here I sit, feeding my new addition to Google Calendar, researching bachelorette party options for my sister (e.g. horseback riding. According to the Minnesota DNR, “A horse is defined in rules, at 6100.0500 Subp. 5h. Horse. "Horse" includes a horse, mule, donkey, llama, alpaca, or other ungulate or ruminant that is used to transport people, equipment, or materials.”), and brainstorming excuses to leave so that I can go get my drivers’ license updated and/or go to the gym.

This sort of procrastination is bound to lead to a frenzied and stressful June, and yet I am unable to motivate myself to write any more donor solicitations or stare at any more federal grant guidelines. I’m perfectly capable of spreading work out so that it doesn’t pile up and become insurmountable, I just am disinclined to do it at this juncture. It could be that I’m long overdue for a significant break from work. It could be that I’m genuinely disinterested in the work that I’m doing. It could also be that I actually enjoy the rush of pushing the envelope on deadlines.

Work is insufferably boring sometimes.

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