Friday, March 02, 2007

Take 2

Apartment number two
was on 24th and Bryant, just down the road from the big blue dream house I'll buy when I win the lottery. This house, similarly, was beautiful, and as soon as we stepped in we knew we were on the right track. The stairs up to the 2nd floor were framed by a gorgeous finished wood bannister. After being asked to leave our shoes at the door, we stepped into a space loaded with personality. The hardwood floors almost sparkled, which was clearly of import to the woman showing us the space. The walls in every room were painted a different color...blues and greens, mostly. The bedrooms were enormous - one of them could likely fit two queen sized beds with room to spare, and another had two closets in it. And the sunporch. The fantastic, three season sunporch with a bright green tiled floor and a breathtaking view of the snow-covered yards of all the other near-mansions of the neighborhood. Also from the sun porch we could see the three car garage that we would be able to occupy one space in. And the magical words "heat included" were spoken.

And yet...

The kitchen was abismal. The stove was miniscule - so small that the four burners almost touched each other. There was virtually no cabinet space, even less counter space, and though the kitchen wasn't small, per se, it was set up so there was no chance of getting a kitchen table into it. That, coupled with the fact that there was no dining room, equalled a problem for the potential resident with dreams of dinner parties galore. The living room was also comparatively small and oddly shaped, so that it was difficult to picture getting a living room set into it (the current occupents had furnished it with an entertainment center and two leather recliners). The future Mr. & Mrs. Cote have quite the library - one 5x5 IKEA shelving unit nearly full of records, 4 CD cases full of CDs, 1 small bookshelf for DVDs, and an estimated 6 bookshelves full of books. As it was, we'd need to dedicate one of the bedrooms as our library, and would have been hard pressed to show it off in the common areas of the apartment.

Back to the drawing board we go.

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