Friday, March 09, 2007


I took an unanticipated jaunt over to Milwaukee yesterday to recruit national volunteers. I think I may have snagged one wearing an “I’m living Kabbalah” bag, not quite so sure about the kid in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles t-shirt (for a number of reasons). The other recruiters: a representative to my right used hand sanitizer every time she shook someone’s hand and ate candy for practically the whole four hours straight. The guy across from me asked what my organization was all about and then sort of smarmily said something like, “That’s great – making a difference” in a way that indicated that he couldn’t care less. The Social Security Administration had two representatives dressed like the secret service. There wasn’t much of a line for that table, I can tell you. The UWM panther mascot showed up and tried to shake things up – I almost climbed under the table to avoid it touching me, but I lucked out and he stayed at the end of the row.

Milwaukee seems like a cool town, I’d like to actually visit it sometime. As it was, I drove to Wisconsin Dells on Wednesday night, crashed at a Super 8, left at 7:30 for Milwaukee, recruited for four hours and turned around to drive home. However, I was able to gather that it would be cool to go to Miller Park, take some brewery tours, and check out a couple of record stores and a slew of restaurants. I think we’ll try and take a trip this summer.

In other news, the elusive apartment may have been found. It’s a duplex in a great location with very decent space, great storage, great big sun porch (I can have an herb garden!), hardwood floors, a yard with a grill and patio and two off-street parking spaces. Applications go in tonight! We also saw a house that we could have bought with the money they were asking for it, which did not include any utilities or yard work of any kind. I know I’ll have to mow a lawn eventually, but I’d like to push it off for awhile longer – at least until I’m done renting.

Blah. Friday.

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