Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Minneapolis Sound

I have just determined, in my research for this post, that Prince's 50th birthday is also my wedding day.

This means several things:

1. I've totally forgotten what I was going to write about, though I can tell you that the thrust of it is that Prince represents all of what pop music should be and isn't, and is therefore the greatest pop musician of all time.

2. We definitely picked the right date. Not only because of our love of the #8, but also because of my extreme love of Prince.

3. Purple is officially one of my wedding colors. (I was leaning toward it anyway, but now there's no getting around it.)

4. The wedding reception music will now include even more gratuitous amounts of Prince than initally planned.

5. The wedding reception music will close with Purple Rain.

(#4 & 5 contingent on approval of the DJ. I'm not him, but I am sleeping with him, so we'll see what I can do.)

6. S. has just suggested that I walk down the aisle to Sexy M.F. Or writhe down the aisle. I'll not repeat the other stuff he said, I just think it's sort of a funny picture.

I'm so excited I could just pee.

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