Tuesday, February 27, 2007

It's Here!

The first of what will be many craigslist postings for an apartment available May 1. Location? Check. Not on Lyndale, not in Loring Park. Bedrooms? Dos. One for sleeping, one for guesting and officing. Wooof! Dogs are ok? Doesn't appear so, but that's a negotiable item. Dishwasher? Unknown. Dining room? Unknown. Grownup sized kitchen? Unknown. Bathtub? Unknown. Price? Right.

Okay, so there are a lot of unknowns, but I have never been so excited to move in my entire life and we're going to at least go check it out. Since I've been stalking craigslist apartments since...oh...last March, pretty much, I know that occasionally apartments come up with stairs inside of them (no joke!) or breakfast nooks (yay!) or jacuzzi tubs or built-in-buffets or other little bonuses. This particular posting is pretty tame, with no pictures, but it's AVAILABLE MAY 1!!! We don't have to take it, but at least the search will have begun and we'll have something to compare other spaces to and it will be real. We will live in the same place.

No more packing every single day. No more going home to change out of cold, wet clothes only to remember that all my dry shoes are somewhere else. No more forgetting important articles of clothing or makeup or some breakfast or lunch item or personal hygiene products and having to make a special trip back to the other place to get it. No more parking 3-5 blocks away. No more sleeping with the window closed in the spring to shut out the noise from the street. We'll have people over for dinner, and they'll sit at our dining room table instead of on the floor. We can have parties. I can go into our kitchen and get a snack, and open our fridge and know I can have whatever happens to be in it. I can go to the bathroom with no clothes on. I can go home at the end of the day. Just home.

And Dan will be there.

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