Friday, April 07, 2006


I got really good at slacking off at work when I was an office manager. Today, I'm finding that even when I really want to, I've sort of forgotten how. I started checking out celebrity news on IMDB and realized I've totally removed myself from that realm and am not sorry about it. I tried to look for movies this weekend and came across such gems as snakes from outer space and a dance movie featuring Antonio Banderas and a bunch of hip hopper teenagers (okay, I totally want to see it and therefore am apparently not as cool as I thought). I've found that my office's new firewall (that I instigated the installation of) blocks sites such as the MN AIDS Project (which prevents me from signing up to volunteer at the MN AIDS Walk) and Overheard in NY (which provides me with at least a half hour of entertainment), as well as Thunder in the Valley's website (what's up with that?). I perused the new Heart of a Champion website because I've got a vested interest in the founder (and also the two new releases coming out which you should totally all buy). So all of this random (and not so random) web surfing goes on and I feel strange about it. I believe the term is GUILTY. I feel GUILTY for not doing my job. I'm an unworthy slacker. Is this what happens when you grow up? Inferior slackage? I'll ponder this on the drive home. Think I'll leave early today.

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