Friday, July 15, 2005

The Sound of One Computer Crashing

How was I to know? There was no cry for help - no pop ups, no virus notifications, no system warnings. One moment, I was shutting down in a perfectly acceptable manner after having looked at a photo CD. The next, I was trying in vain to boot up as my laptop stubbornly refused to boot up, informing me that Windows cannot start properly (possibly) due to a recent hardware or software change that I have no recollection of implementing. In my head I picture a folder entitled "Works In Progress" going up in flames as I stand helplessly by, my mind flashing incessently back to Steve's insistance that I back up my files regularly - my only hope an underpaid, disgruntled firefighter from CompUSA who will almost certainly do as little as possible before having to completely reinstall the operating system and reduce the aforementioned works to electronic ashes. My writing workshop instructor assures me that something like this can be a blessing in disguise - that reconstruction can make things better than you'd ever imagined them to be, and that there may even be a publishable essay in the experience of this (arguably) tragic loss.

Still really sucks, though.


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