Friday, April 29, 2005

To Do’s for the Month of May:

*confront: mother; father; supervisor about various unpleasant things
*run 45 minutes 5-6 days per week
*write a minimum of 1 hour per day
*study and re-register for “GRE II: Once More, With Feeling”
*identify graduate school programs/locations and begin gathering apps for fall 2006
*remain employed despite the strong desire to quit job, cash in 401k, and go to Europe for 3 months or until the cash runs out, whichever comes first
*volunteer on Sunday the 15th for the MN AIDS Walk which carries the benefit of a shirt that says “OH BABY” (yeah!)
*discuss Urban Tribes (a.k.a. my world) in book club format
*Le Petit Vin D’Avril avec Xtine
*work/volunteer 3 of 4 weekends and roughly 10 of 22 weeknights
*Farmer’s Market!!!
*Voltage: Fashion Amplified
*Brazil at Midnight Madness
*live in the moment
*plan for the future
*don’t go crazy


Maria said...

Author's note: Apparently the AIDS Walk t-shirt says "OBEY ME", NOT "OH BABY" (though those two phrases spoken over the phone are strikingly similar sounding). Hm...which is the better shirt? You be the judge.

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