Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Secrets Revealed

When I became an RA in college one of the exercises we had to do was writing our deepest secret on a piece of paper and then handing it off to someone in the room, trusting that they wouldn’t look at it. It was the sort of thing that made me feel as though I might choke on my heart, which had inexplicably moved into my throat.

Frank Warren has created an interactive art project by asking people to send him postcards confessing their deepest secrets. Some of what he’s received is posted on this blog. Some of it is terrifying, some of it is devastating, some of it is hilarious – the sum of it is completely powerful and amazing, and I’m sure totally liberating for the participants. How cool.

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early hours of sky said...

I think the RA thing is horrible--don't people feel exsposed enough in college? But I do like the postcard thing alot b/c I believe it shrinks the demons down.