Tuesday, March 08, 2005

I have found the core of crazy and it is immersing myself in things over which I have no control while ignoring the things over which I do have control.

I have found the antidote to crazy and it is running to the steady beat of good music.

I have found the impetus for ultimate nausea and it is eating veggie lasagna before running and chasing it with a large light roast coffee and bad techno at Bob's.

I have faced the awkwardness that is talking to someone you've not spoken to in years and emerged unscathed.

I have found the recipe for calm and it is: 1 part reading; 1 part writing; 1 part solitude; 1 part good company; 5 parts self.

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Xtine said...

sounds like you've found some good recipes... maybe we can get together and swap'em sometime...