Tuesday, March 29, 2005


The Princeton Review has me in lockdown for the next several days. “A week before the test is not the time for any major life changes. This is NOT the week to quit smoking, start smoking, quit drinking coffee, start drinking coffee, start a relationship, end a relationship, or quit a job. Business as usual, okay?”

Okay. If you’re out there, soul mate, I’m all yours on Saturday at around 4pm.

So I’m locked in my apartment taking practice exams or in one of several favorite coffeeshops (most notably Bob’s, whose window has reopened for the spring) studying the frequently ass backwards logic of ETS. Is DOLPHIN:MAMMAL::COMPUTER:MACHINE or ::PENGUIN:BIRD, for example? It’s obviously ::PENGUIN:BIRD “because computers don’t live in water”.


Somewhere around page 100 in the prep guide, they start adding fun & friendly parenthetical statements like this: “ETS is trying to fool you! (Isn’t that just like them?)”

Ew. As if the math weren’t enough.

Keep your fingers crossed, and I’m open to tips, gratuitous ego-boosting flattery, etc.


Charles said...

Your brilliance is so great it cannot be numerated--merely approximated.

Rock that test, girl.

Maria said...

I thought I might be able to count on you. ;)

early hours of sky said...

We have a coffe shop in Minneapolis called Bob? I am so out of the loop.