Thursday, January 13, 2005

Free Fiona

Okay, I'm admittedly obsessed with Fiona Apple's most recent album, "When the Pawn...". It's musical and lyrical genius. At this point maybe everyone knows and has heard me complain that her third album, "Extraordinary Machine" (completed May 2003) is being held hostage by Sony/Epic because they don't think it will sell enough copies to justify the marketing expense (even though her last two albums went platinum in the U.S.). At any rate, this website is organizing a campaign to have it released. They intend to have people send real apples, fake apples, things shaped like apples, etc., that say "Free Fiona" to Sony/Epic's president on January 24, 2005. They've also got an electronic petition to be signed. So there's that. Also, if one of you music downloading geniuses can find it somewhere online and get me a copy, I might be easily persuaded to bear your children. Or at least buy you a drink.

That is all.


A. D. said...

Maria -

I've obsessed over that album myself. C.R./Charles pointed your blog out to me because I made a similar entry to this one a while back. He said he had listened to the new album somehow, has he revealed his source?

Maria said...

He has kept both the knowledge that he's heard it and any snippets of sound from that I know, though, I will give him grief the likes of which has not been seen before in this state of to answer your question, no, I don't know the source...but there are ways of making him talk.