Monday, January 24, 2005

Dream A Little Freaky Dream

I'm pregnant, but something's not right and I'm supposed to see the doctor later on in the day to figure out what's wrong. It's weighing heavily on my mind. I'm in the shower trying to relax. Warm water is streaming down my back. I look down and realize that I'm bleeding. It blood falls in heavy drops at first, splashing in the shallow pool of water at my feet and slowly turning it bright red, and then it's coming in rivulets down my legs. My stomach cramps and I can feel the baby fighting to get out. I'm crying, in pain, terrified. I yell to my mother to call 911 as I struggle out of the tub and sit down on the cold toilet seat. I hear her talking on the phone, saying that I'm supposed to be at the doctor's office later this afternoon, so she doesn't think it's necessary that they come but that I wanted her to call. I yell to her that I'm bleeding. "You're bleeding?" she says through the door. "I guess you'd better come after all," she says into the phone.

And then I woke up.

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