Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Birthday Week Extravaganza 2004

It's the big 2-5, and I'm making 24 go out with a bang! As many of you know, the celebration of my birthday is traditionally a week long. My nearest and dearest (that's you) may partake in any or all of the events of the week as you so choose (with the exception of the party on Saturday the 7th, which is mandatory as long as you live within 100 miles of the Twin Cities). Events are as follows:

Sunday, August 1:

From 3 to 6 or so we'll head out to the Cascade Bay in Eagan for fun in the sun and some water slides and swimming and stuff ($6 admission - bring a lock for your locker!). Then at 8, Improv A Go-Go starts at Brave New Workshop (a mere $1!!!).

Monday, August 2:

Music and Movies in Loring Park. Music starts at 7. This year's theme is Steve McQueen movies.

Tuesday, August 3:

Two for one's at Triple Rock...I'll be there at 9:30.

Wednesday, August 4:

While many of you will be out at First Ave partying it up with Brother Ali and the Hold Steady, I'm making this my personal pampering/spa night, with Hair by Nick. See you...

Thursday, August 5:

For ladies night. That's right, girls, we're cooking up on of our signature fabulous dinners with all food groups represented...including dessert. Maybe we'll get a movie with a hot guy in it too. My house, after work, potluck style, I'll be in touch.

Friday, August 6:

Morgan's birthday! My partner in birth! She's callin' the shots!

Saturday, August 7:

Uptown Art Fair during the day. Off to get a tattoo that afternoon. And Saturday night: **THE BIG EVENT** A co-birthday party to celebrate me and Morgan's birthdays! This is the big deal! Be at the party! Details to follow! Your evening is spoken for if anyone asks!

Sunday, August 8:

THE day. THE birthday. Interested parties will bum around the Loring Park Art Festival during the day, enjoy some ice cream at Edina Creamery when we're arted out, and the evening has been spoken for by my inamorato, so heaven only knows, but you'll all get to hear about it later, I'm sure. :)

And there you have it. A pretty impressive lineup, you WILL be harrassed to attend, and please do! Plenty of fun for all!!!


Anonymous said...

You should switch wed and thursday plans!! I want to go to the potluck, but I have band practice on thursdays and it's hard for us to reschedule!!! I'll see what I can do though, I wanna go to girls night!

p.s. Is the Hold Steady part of the Brother Ali show the break crew? or one person?...

Maria said...

Sadly I am not able to move shows that people want to go to at First Ave. If I could I would switch nights. But instead I will become beautiful while others listen to music that I am unfamiliar with...anyone care to shed some light on the show details?

Anonymous said...

Actually the Hold Steady is the group that former the former Lifter Puller lead singer and bassist (who now plays guitar) are in. It is like Lifter Puller but more straight up rock, ie:no keyboards, etc. That said Mary (it is you right?) it could be fun, even if you are not a L/P fan.


Anonymous said...

After I posted that I looked it up and remembered that the Hold Steady is ex LP, I was thinking it was the breakdance crew for some reason, I don't know why.
Sounds like a good show, but unless it is really cheap I probably wouldn't go. Though Brother Ali would be fun.

and yes this is Mary.