Tuesday, June 08, 2004


Someday CompUSA will give me my laptop and the blog will be unaffected by busy work days and weeks. Someday very soon. Lest I be forced to unleash my wrath upon them.

Apologies to my conservative friends (you may wish to discontinue reading at this juncture), but this is my current rant:


Item 1: The federal government employs more than 2,715,000 workers and hires hundreds of thousands each year to replace civil service workers that transfer to other federal jobs, retire, or stop working for other reasons. The U.S. Government is the largest employer in the United States, hiring 2 percent of the nation's civilian work force. Federal government jobs can be found in every state and large metropolitan areas including overseas in over 200 countries.
Item 2: President Bush lost the popular vote in the 2000 election by a 300,000 vote margin.
Item 3: President Bush has declared Friday to be a national day of mourning for the late President Ronald Reagan. All federal offices and major financial markets will be closed (aside from those dealing with national security). The American people are called to gather in their respective places of worship to pay homage to the memory of President Reagan. I have found no evidence that any such honor has been granted to a single other American president, including those who have been assassinated.

I'm just saying.

Here are some excellent sites that are full of hilarity:

This is my personal favorite. Oh ye of little faith...

The reds are at it again. Thank god.

There's nothing like a good man.

And let's not forget the Democrats.

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Anonymous said...

well the thing is that people always sugar coat things when people die. not that i'm not sad for his family because alzheimers is not fun for anyone, but sometimes it's better that the suffering end.

we are still suffering the consequences of his presidency, and will be for a long time.