Friday, June 18, 2004


It's amazing how powerful this sort of thing can make you feel. I'm going to do it more often.

June 18, 2004


CompUSA Woodbury Superstore

To Whom It May Concern:

On Saturday, May 29, 2004, I purchased a Compaq Presario 2199 laptop at your location. On that date I was told by my Sales Associate that this model was in stock at another location and would be transferred to Woodbury, and that “worst-case scenario” I would have it no later than Monday, June 7. As of Wednesday, June 9, I had not heard from anyone from your store, so I called myself and was told that the model was being ordered from the manufacturer and that there was no estimated delivery date, but if another upgraded computer became available before the computer I purchased arrived, I would be offered a replacement. This Wednesday, June 16, I received a phone message from a CompUSA employee informing me that CompUSA would not be receiving any more Compaq Presario 2199 laptops. I was offered a Toshiba A65-S126 (the specifications for which I am unable to locate on your website) and was assured that the processor speed was greater than the model I purchased, which is not a priority for me.

To me, this is a bait and switch tactic, and furthermore does not constitute an upgrade. An upgrade would be a stepped up model from Compaq. I am being advised to contact the Better Business Bureau on this matter, and would like to avoid it if at all possible. I would accept the Compaq Presario r3160us Notebook on your website as a replacement machine.

I would like this issue to be resolved today if at all possible, otherwise I expect a full refund and would like to cancel my line of credit at CompUSA. I can be reached at my place of business [CONTACT INFO HERE] before 5:00pm today. Thank you.



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